May 18, 2006

Master Cleanser...Take 2 (Day 1 Log)

Ahem...The information in this post is not intended as medical advice. Its intention is solely informational and educational. And also a shameless plug for fasting and cleansing in general.

So it's Q2 already, can you believe it? Companies are releasing their earnings, the trees are releasing their buds and new leaves, and here at the estate, well, we've got our own release planned. It's spring cleaning people, lemonade diet style. For those of you who want to take a look back at our Q1 foray into this practice, you can read this and maybe also this (and all the stuff in between really).

Nothing like some visual stimulation to sum up:

That's a shot of my diet for the next 10 days. Water, organic lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper (not pictured), and some Yogi Tea. And - I must quality something here, this is not in fact a "diet"'s acually a very thorough cleansing program and healing fast. But you can clearly see that with a liquid only list of ingredients that include "Get Regular" tea, weight loss is inevitable.

The Master Cleanser book was written by Dr. Stanley Burroughs in 1976 and has become pretty popular in the last decade or so. This will be my 4th time doing the fast over the last few years, and hub is joining me once again (what a trooper! he darn near wasted away last time :P). We made a committment to do this 4 times this year, at the beginning of each quarter. This time, I'm much more optimistic about what awaits us - better sleep, less back pain, a feeling of lightness, and an incredible amount of "free" time not spent, buying, preparing and consuming meals.

Join us if you like! And if you do - please track your feelings and progress in'll be amazed at what you discover about yourself, your eating habits, and the amazing things are bodies can do naturally. I"m happy to get out my pom-poms and cheer you on, even if you just want to try it for 1 day.

You can purchase the book here or at your friendly neighborhood health food store. A really good read even if you don't do the cleanse. And you can read more about the cleanse online here and also here.