May 19, 2006

Status Report

Fasting Day 2
Feeling pretty good today. Down 2lbs already. Now that I have several hours under my belt and hub has joined in the madness, my outlook is pretty good.

I likely won't overload the blog with fasting talk (no promises), but rather I'll just share snippets from a separate daily journal I'm keeping.

Here's a short entry from yesterday:
6:29pm- Not hungry right now, but really mellow. We sat out on the front stoop with the girls, they picked flowers and played in some rain water, then we all watched a rabbit take care of some weeds beneath the fire bush plants for us – nature at it’s best. Imagine having to eat like a rabbit…wouldn’t be much to clog up your system. I thought aloud that he must be so glad that we don’t spray any kind of horrible herbicide in our Florida native shrubbery. No hunger pains, but not much energy right now either.

In knit land, I've started and made some good progress on a "Kata " Felicity scarf:

Yarn stats - Jo Sharp Aran Tweed wool/silk/cashmere blend in Brindle #121)

This pattern is a very simple lace repeat pattern from the book Mindful Knitting by Tara Jon Manning (see sidebar link). Per the book "In Buddhist culture, the [Kata scarf] is given as an expression of gratitude, a blessing or greeting presented as a sign of deep respect. The literal meaning of Kata is 'cloth that binds'." How could I NOT knit that? It says this symbolizes a bond between the giver and the recipient, so I'm going to have fun choosing from my multitude of friends and family for a giftee. I think I'll have to knit several.

My clever chicks are at it again, crafting and spoiling mommy with flowers from our garden. I am SO blessed to be able to work from home when I'm not traveling so that I can see their darling faces most of the day (when I'm not shooing them becaues mommy has another conference call of course). And what good is excess cuteness if you can't share it? Enjoy.