Apr 6, 2009

Day 6: The 2nd Half Begins

Making my intent to fast public here and on Facebook has paid off in some really great ways. My friend that originally decided to start with me on April 1st posts status updates on her FB profile and keeps me posted on how she's feeling by chat. Several people who have been considering doing the fast or some kind of cleanse have reached out for information. Writing about it has also given me motivation in moments when I have felt weak or uncertain.

But it was a post by Jessica (Ravelry profile) yesterday that convinced me that not only was it good to be open with my internet buddies about this plan, but that - once again - you never know how much you can connect to another person's experience unless you reach out.

Jessica posted her intention to start the Master Cleanse on her blog and I encourage you to read through it. Whether you're thinking about doing something like this or not, she makes some powerful commentary on our perspective on eating, and on her specific motivations to strive for wellness. Well worth a look, believe me. And if you get a moment, leave her some encouraging words - your kind support has really done wonders for me.

Today officially puts me into the 2nd half of the fast. Feeling good this morning, and surprisingly not sore after yesterday's Yoga/Pilates session. Another noticeable physical change is that my eczema has settled down and the most obvious spots that usually pop up after I eat certain foods are nowhere to be found. My scalp is doing great too, normally a problem area. Too much information?? Perhaps, but a cause for celebration there nonetheless.

Yesterday I spent time finishing and seaming this shrug for one of my best friends:

Criss Cross Shrug - 4 Criss Cross Shrug - Scarf Style

Criss Cross Shrug - 10 Cross Shrug - Back Cross
Criss Cross Shrug - A Lion Brand Pattern
Yarn is Patons' Shetland Chunky
Knit all in garter stitch on Size 11 needles
Size is 15" x 85" - just long enough for multi-wearing options

More details on my Ravelry project page