Apr 8, 2009

8 of 10

Last night was tough - I felt so down emotionally and just didn't feel like being productive after a certain point in the evening. Thankfully that resulted in an early bedtime and an early wake-up this morning.

I started out doing some Pilates and was stopped cold by a sharp pain in my lower abdomen (turns out it was some trapped air). I did the salt water flush to help clear things out and it worked like a dream!

Since this morning I have had an energy I can barely describe. I re-started (and finished) the 40 minute Pilates workout, then I cleaned my bathroom, did some work, cleaned up my kitchen, and went back to more work.

I want to remember this feeling - this energy. The way I'm feeling at this moment is exactly why I can/should/will continue to stick with this cleansing practice. I had a thought while cleaning a mirror...I have a fairly high energy level for most activities, but it has to be unlocked. It's always there at the surface, but I need a very deliberate kick start. I want to leverage that more and use it to greater benefit. By keeping my body and mind clearer, I can make much better use of it.

On another topic, but still along the lines of energy and the right kind of stimuli, I'm a BIG fan of spoken word poetry, like the kind showcased on Russell Simmons' Def Poetry Jam.

Saul Williams is one of my favorites - when you have five minutes, use it to digest and enjoy this wonderful poem called Coded Language