Apr 2, 2009

Day 2 at dawn

Master cleanse Day 2 and I thought I would put some of the thought streams I'm having out here...I've resolved to keep these posts unedited so take them as they are -

Jamaican Caper Blossoms

Yesterday was tough at points. The main thing that tells me I'm ready to do this particular type of detox is that I become super aware of all my thought patterns, and my habits become exposed in such a way that I can't ignore them. Most of the time when I eat against my "plan" it's because I'm (a) bored, (b) lazy, or (c) reacting emotionally to something. I know these things are common for most of us, but for me, all of those reasons are always somewhere in the back of my mind. "You're only eating that because that last conference call/conversation/task was a tough one". When I remove the food, the feelings still come, but I'm forced to deal with them differently.

Hibiscus Close Up

This morning I woke up feeling capable. Day 2 is usually the stage for me where I realize that this "no food" thing is for real - it's intentional and not just a result of forgetting to eat something for several hours. It amazes me each time, and every morning that I don't wake up hungry. It also surprises me what we're capable of when our minds are in the right place.

Pineapple Close-Up

I have high hopes for my productivity during these next 10 days. Speaking of that, I'm going to get a jump on my work day.

Today's photos are courtesy of the gardening skills of my darling husband aka Mr. Green.