Apr 3, 2009

Day 3 Rears It's Ugly Head

That's a direct quote from a friend of mine who is doing the Master Cleanse with me. She's sitting in an office surrounded by the aroma of a pizza lunch, and I'm trying desperately to stay away from my kitchen. Much of what I have read confirms that day's 3, 5, and 7 have proven to be the toughest days when doing this fast.

Spring Cleaning

I was fine this morning - energetic, confident, feeling lighter already in body and mind...I even got in a tennis game with hubby without collapsing on the court as I feared (I have to do exercise during this fast because I still want to feel firm and strong, not just light). But now, it's early afternoon and I'm waaaaaaay more hungry that I thought I would be today. I think that my body is no longer ignoring what's going on and it's an abrupt awakening.

The guidelines I follow say that the key during these "lows" is to drink more of the lemonade and water and to limit activities until your energy level goes back up, so I'm trying that.
In my downtime, I'm also trying to distract myself by pattern stalking on Ravelry. I'm pretty sure that this very cute beret will be my next new hat. I caught the beret bug earlier this year, and like all things fiber related - it's just better in triplicate...