May 24, 2007

Well I'll Be

CPH Progress Report Day 1479 (or something like that):

I've had a nearly phobic apprehension to the attachment of the sleeves to my
Central Park Hoodie. Not for any good reason...just because this technique is very new to me and, like all brand new knitting adventures, it has the inherent potential to go very, very wrong.

But this time, it went right.

I give credit for this success to:
*This wonderfully clear tutorial on Knitty (I used the weaving technique plus mattress stitch)
*The tip I heard on the Stash & Burn podcast about finishing where Nicole suggested that it's easier to attach a tube to a tube - in other words, seam the body and the sleeve to the armhole first, and then attach them to each other. Worked like a charm, and no bunching!
*Dreamy David - the golden-voiced Aussie over at Sticks & String...with his show playing in my ITunes, I think I could be soothed into trying any new knitting technique. *swoon*

While we're on the subject of sleeves, if you're going to knit the CPH (
Cindy, Nicole), be warned - the sleeves fit snug! No, let me rephrase - the sleeves in your selected size WILL BE TIGHT. If you look closely at my arm picture, you'll see my skin peeking through. Cozy and warm, yes. Flattering? No. Knit and learn darlings! I suggest either factoring in more increases or just knitting the sleeves one size up - much easier to take in any extra bulk if needed.

I've got a new discussion topic in the works, so be on the look out for that. Tomorrow I'll post some more shots from the yard to start our long weekend off with some cheer.

Thanks as always for stopping by!