May 7, 2007

Knitting: Social or Solitary?- Let's Discuss...

I'm part of a few forums and groups online, all yarn related of course.
I don't always have the time to actively participate in some the discussions that go on, but every now and then a topic gets me to come out of hiding (lurkdom) and make a statement to these "strangers" in my online knitting community.

This was the case recently when a thread member posted the question:

Are you a social or a solitary knitter?

Now, the person who originally posted the question submitted her position first (solitary knitter by choice), then she opened it up for discussion to the group. I found the responses fascinating!

So I'm throwing this one out to you dear readers. How do you prefer to stitch - solo or as part of a group? Are you a Knit Night Junkie, or do you do your best work in the solitude of your own space? If you do love to Stitch 'n Bitch, what do you love about it? If you don't go for the group thing, enlighten us as to why.

I'm going to resist posting my own answer here for now (though I'm thinking most of you could guess); I don't want your answers to be a reaction to mine - I would just love it if we could stack the comments with a good conversation on this point.

Let's discuss!