May 28, 2007


The sewing bug bit me SO HARD this morning it was downright scary. I'm not a seamstress by any stretch, but I do admire the usefulness of sewing and I have friends who are superb at it, and they always inspire me to at least give it a try.

My machine is from the 1940's and the only thing I know how to do right now is make straight lines of stitches. That was all I neededto make these next few projects though.

Oh! I'm on a recycling track lately too, not to mention that and I'm determined that all hand made productions from this household must be made with materials that already reside here (quite comfortably so and usually undisturbed).

(all photos enlarge when clicked)

Mizan's Skirt - Repurposed Fabric

Mizan's Skirt 2- Repurposed Fabric
A toddler sized skirt made with material from a queen sized (bed) skirt

Simple Kids Pants 1

Simple Kids Pants 2
Easy kid pants (for baby up to children's size 7 ) made with tutorials found here and here. I'm sad to say that these were actually too narrow for Mizan to wear - seems I didn't account for enough seam allowance when I traced out the pattern from a pair of her pants. These will either be donated to charity, or I may cut them down into shorts and make them a baby gift if my sister delivers me a neice in October.

Snuggles Blanket 2 - Repurposed Yarn
One snuggle blanket for the Snuggles Project. I cut off the bottom half of a large crocheted coat that I bought at the thrift store for $3.49 last fall. My intention was to unravel and reuse the yarn as suggested here. Instead I just cut away this lower portion and machine stitched the edges together for a fluffy Snuggle. The other half of the coat became this:

CPH - SetIn Sleeve Cropped Shrug 2
A cropped shrug that I will likely give to my mom. I did a single crochet edge around the bottom to keep the stitches from unraveling. The single crochet border is done with some vaguely matching Encore wool/acrylic yarn. If she doesn't like it, I will donate this to charity as well.

Non-work related productivity feels rather good on a day off!