May 3, 2007


What stash is complete without a load of yarn scraps? You know - the little odds and ends. The loose bits from the end of the ball. That "not quite enough" yardage that ends up tossed to the bottom of the bag, or into a scrap box like at my house. We've all got them. And in this case I must learn to love mine. See, I didn't add them to my yardage count, but that doesn't make them any less here. Though I wish it did just kind of dissolve them into nothingness since they're not on The Sheet. No such luck.

They do serve a good purpose though They are a great reminder that you have actually MADE things. That things have been knit and crocheted and in some cases even made and then gifted. It can restore your confidence that you are not in fact the world's worst pack rat.
So what to do with them?

Well, I'm going to start with making some of these to start. Goodie bags, gift bags, yarn totes. Call them what you will, I choose to call them Stash Busting Beauties! Care to join me?
The pattern is right here.
How are you using your scraps and bits? I love small, manageable projects like this for my "in between" projects knitting. What do you prefer?