Feb 15, 2007

Out of the Closet

Best place for an elephant is right out in the middle of the living room so we can talk about it, right? Right...let's have it. I present, my unfinished object queue (those presentable enough for photographing)

Central Park Hoodie from Fall '06 KnitScene (for me)
CPH Progress - 011707
CPH - Short Row Shoulders
Back now done (with short row shoulders no less!); Sleeves done; Right and Left front started

Sangria Socks (for me)
Sangria Sock Progress

Still being neglected right now (I blame the slowness of dpns)

Plymouth Encore Afghan - a very late gift(I might just frog this and do one big one, instead of individual blocks)
Plymouth Encore Afghan -WIP

Crochet Beach Bag (from Family Circle Knit & Crochet)
Shore Thing Tote - Family Circle Crochet

Felted Striped Tote (from One Skein book)
Felted Purse from One Skein - WIP

Interweave Crochet Hipster Belt - needs loops and fringe
Berocco Suede Belt - WIP

On the brighter side...here are 2 items that were unfinished at the original writing of this post, but which have since been COMPLETED!! (Woo hoo!)

Chunky Gift Scarf:
Chunky Gift Scarf - Close Up
Combined Red Heart "Soft", Berroco "
Softy", and some gold novelty yarn from Kelli
Started:Early January 2007
Finished: Feb 15, 2007

Baby Sweater (for my nephew):
Joshua's Baby Sweater
Yarn: Jo-Ann's Sensations Yarn in "Licorice"

Started: June 2006
Finished: February 14, 2007
Sadly, as he is now about to be 8 months old, it will not likely fit him much longer. Thank goodness I have another nephew to pass this along to (3 months old)

So there they be! Look for these to be featured in future posts as finished projects. And if they don't - you have these pictures to smack me over the head with, as it were.