Feb 14, 2007

Unfinisher's Log...Day 2341

Well, at least it feels that way...

As many of you that browse the web know, there is a group out there for just about EVERY old thing...

Stashalong 2007 Button

I've joined this stash busting effort (again) this year in the hopes that I can get my stash down to something manageable, and something comprised of only yarns that I just can't WAIT to knit with. I really want to tuck some more knitting techniques under my belt, but that means casting on new swatches at least; the length of the Yet-To-Be-Knit list doesn't let me feel free enough to do that yet. Woe is me!

Best way to take on a problem is to face it right? Yeah...that's what I thought when I pulled out every.single.yard. of yarn that I have in my (ahem) guest room and decided to photograph it for accountability. Brace yourself...

My Yarn Collection - 2/2/07

Now I know that some of you will look at that shameful shot and say "hmmm....that's not so bad", but others are having to hold on to something and breath very slowly, as I did. This was a wickedly rude awakening. Mostly because that photo doesn't actually show all the skeins (they couldn't all fit), and because it doesn't include the Mound O' Acrylic fire hazard:

Acrylic Stash Close Up

Bah! Even that's a cropped shot (*shudder*). We don't want to hurt anyone's retinas; look away if you must.

My friends, something must be done! There is some great stuff in there! My ridiculous but lovely fiber haul from
Stitches Midwest; some of Cindy's yarn; all my travel yarn loot; gifted yarn. Cashmere! There is cashmere in there people! It should have seen the light of my needle ends months ago. No excuse.

So, I'm good and determined. I last bought yarn on January 29th, and I'm on a minimum 2-month yarn embargo. My next knitting-related purchase of any substance will be a super nifty
blocking board. Alas, that won't be until the unfinished knit and crochet item list comes down though. Oh...did I forget to mention that? The stash pile photo conveniently (mercifully!) does not include the stack of items not yet completed. That post will be for another day - maybe tomorrow. I need a lie down...