Feb 21, 2007

Lunch is Served

Today is day 3 in my 7 days to WELL. I'm using that phrase as it was sent to me by my oldest and bestest friend Opal (hey Ras!). She recently did a 2-week stint of raw foods only to help clean out her body and get back to some healthier eating habits. As soon as she wrote me about it, a light went off. I've been back and forth to the doctor one too many times in the last couple months...standard stuff - cold/flu/Strep...but it's the battery of antibiotics I've had to take that's been needling me. I subscribe to the school of thought that says we all have entirely too much of that stuff in our systems at any given time, and that if we can do better on the preventative side of things, we should.

So, I am.

Veggie Juice Lunch 003
Veggie Juice fixins for lunch today

I shopped early Monday for a bunch of the fruits and veggies that I love. It surely helps that eating well and feasting on produce is not a strange phenomenon in my house; neither is abstinence from certain foods for that matter. I keep saying that my on-going battle with the munchies and my sugar loving alter ego is mostly mental. If I can get my mind right, my body will follow.

I must say, today's dessert does looks especially appealing.

Apples 4 Dessert

Be well darlings!