Sep 6, 2006

I Fancy Myself a Writer

Warning to KH'ers who've read my blog over there - nothing new to see here, but so glad you came by anyway!

My dear and faithful readers, I thought you might want to know that someone else actually took the time to read and appreciate something that I wrote. Now, this post is in no way humble, so you'll have to forgive me this moment of immodesty.

I have recently started listening to a podcast called
Cast-On, created by and starring Brenda Dayne. Fabulous ear candy, whether you knit or not. It's a great way to pass an hour. I want a podcast! Anyway....she's a former US resident now living in Wales and she podcasts every Friday about all manner of things. I have learned quite a bit about a variety of things; the wool industry in the UK, historical fashions, and natural fiber dyes made with common plants like onion skins to name just a few! Brenda also showcases eclectic music and features her listeners in their own audio editorials and comments.

A few weeks ago during a production glitch, she asked her listeners to create a caption for a photo posted on her show notes site. Here is that photo and my caption:

"And with that, Hector left the rest of the herd to pursue his dream to become the world's first hooved pastry chef. "

I actually thought that a photo of a sheep barreling down a lonesome highway was hilarious all by itself, but I decided to enter the contest anyway, and I wrote the first thing that came to me. (This photo is linked to the comments page, my caption is 20 up from the bottom)

Well in Episode 34 Brenda announced that I had won the caption contest! I was so blown away, and I found out completely by surprise! Babydill and FiberGirl over at the KH Forum wrote congrats on my blog over there. What a thrill!!! But get this...the prize? FREE! YARN!

...which arrived today and inspired this post. Here is a picture of my loot the yarn from
Briar Rose Fibers. Four hundred yards of lovely possibilities in the colorway called Grandma's Blessing.

So for the first time ever, I won something for just writing a sentence. Not too shabby, eh?