Sep 16, 2006

Monogamy & Mojo

Tee Hee - that's a good one for any web search hits, eh?

Just a quick progress post. Apparently when I decide to work on just ONE project at a time, and I ask my darlings to send knitting vibes (and they do) mamamarce can git 'er done!

Here's the progress on Girlfriend Swing Coat as of today...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Needs sleeves and the big collar. I'm planning to do a ruffled or ribbed edge on the sleeves to give it a little flare...we'll see. Deadline stands at Thursday because next week starts crunch time for any holiday hand knits.

Besides, since I learned that (a) I actually can knit faster with my left hand, (b) my wee ones can sit through a entire 2-hour movie in a theater, (c) the lighting in said theater is just enough to knit by, and (d) I have a super human delusion that just won't quit...I think I'll actually complete all the things on my To Be Knit List. Now of course I've completely jinxed any dim hope of that by even typing such farce.

Ah well.

Thanks for your good wishes!! I'm home again for the week, and loving it! Catch you 'round the blogsphere darlings.