Sep 13, 2006

Close Encounters

If you've been keeping up with our adventures for the last several weeks, you know that I've started meeting other fiber fanatics in person to knit and talk and just enjoy the fact that there are wonderfully normal, nice, talented people out there. And though you didn't know each other before that split second of "Oh! There you are!", you can still spend hours together bonding over your latest work in progress and throwing in some life chat to boot.

Last Friday, I met with Jennifer and Zoe. Jennifer found me through the
Meetup group I started online, and then she started visiting my blog. Soon after that we started an email conversation (thanks to her reaching out to me) and found out that we have ALOT in common, including daughters that we're just plain crazy about! Zoe is Jen's oldest daughter, a doctor now living in Boston. Zoe was visiting south Florida to celebrate her little sister Chelsea's birthday (now 21 - Happy Birthday Chelsea!). Mom and daughters have all been knitting just a short time, but they are already hooked!

We spent some time in Barnes & Noble at City Place in downtown West Palm Beach. What I really loved was how open and warm they were to the girls. Now trust me when I tell you that taking 2 toddlers to a book store and asking them to sit quietly and play nice while mommy and her new friends knit and chat is quite the risky endeavor; but Adachi and Mizan were so taken with Jen and Zoe that they behaved remarkably well! They sat at the table with us like mini grown ups, they chatted us up and kept us laughing.

Zoe didn't pull out a knitting project at the table, but she made up for that by starting a log cabin blanket from the Mason-Dixon book that very weekend - a courageous undertaking for her, but she is well on her way!

Here's a shot of Zoe & Jen together - smiles and sunshine darlings, smiles and sunshine!

My sincere thanks to both of you for affirming my faith in the beauty of a coincidental connection.

Adachi & Mizan had a ball too, I took this shot of them on the way back to our car:

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Off the needles this week...the commissioned knit is DONE! I finished the Renee sweater (a Berrocco pattern) and hubby shipped it off while I was on a plane to Chicago. I hope to have pictures of it modeled by the recipient to share with you soon.

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Up next on the Knit List...The Girlfriend Swing Coat from Knit & Tonic. This one is for sweet little Raina and is WAY overdue. Don't get me started...

Click here for a close up of the yarn

Here's my progress so far

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I have imposed my own 10 day deadline on this one so send me super stitch vibes!

Off to Milwaukee! MWAH!