Sep 24, 2006

Can I Get a Hoo Rah!

The Girlfriend Swing Coat is off the needles. I'm slightly off my 10-day deadline, but factor in a sudden cold virus, and, well, life, and I'd say it's none too shabby.

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This is Tahki Cotton Classic Color Yarn (if you'd like more details, sing out in the comments). I took a chance and added some ruffling to the sleeves. This minor pattern modification nearly did me in though because I finished the crochet edging on the front panels with about 2 1/2 inches of yarn to spare (sheesh).

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Still needs some darling buttons (and a few hours to dry a'course).
Up next, some mittens for the cutest little boys you'd ever want to meet!

Thanks to those of you who cheered me on and sent me super knit vibes! MWAH! I'm thinking of all you, dearest readers and willing that your week will be a fantastic one. And if it is, tell me about it; I do love a good story ;)