Jul 18, 2006

The Stitches that Bind

I have posted before about my quest for an attitude of gratitude, and for a better appreciation of the present and all the good things it holds. With recent world news of another tsunami and the news of a great friend in my Creative Memories family with lung cancer, I'm calling on the powers of our cyber connection and reminding you that giving is so critical. Even though we're in the internet age with email and wireless EVERYthing, we can still be/feel so disconnected. Yet I have seen on this very screen the proof that total strangers will reach out to each other or to others they don't know and give heartily and without restraint. If you haven't done that lately and would like to, just hop on Google, or ask a friend, there is much out there to be done (and many that are doing it and would love your help!). For those of you that spend much of your time giving to others with your hours, your craft, your prayers, your kind words without a thank you - THANK YOU! We all benefit from the positive energy you're putting back into the balance of the universe.

I'm going to start planning a comfort gift for my friend to use while she's in treatment, and if you'd like to contribute to someone who could use your kindness, the ladies from the Orlando Knitting Group I attended would love your help for a friend of theirs (info below).

Love openly and give much my darlings - it comes back to you!
Dear Fellow Knitters,

As members of the Orlando Area Knitters and Spinners (OAKS), we have started a fundraiser for our very sick friend and fellow member, Dale Jarrett, who is undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

Please visit our blog at
http://chip-n--for-dale.blogspot.com/ as well as Dale's Journal at http://www.jarrett.ws/dale. Please post and/or distribute the letter below to the members of your guild. Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

-Jackie and Janette