Jul 14, 2006

First Fruits & False Starts

Another quickie (didn't think you'd mind). I'm only hours back from my last work trip, which was preceded by a completely terrific week of auntying in Orlando. Tomorrow I feed another one of my hobby needs with an all day scrapbooking workshop, followed by a slumber party with my girls at grandma's house. Loving life!

Let's start with some shame-free bragging on hubby. Or as I like to call him, Sir Plants-A-Lot. Direct from our yard, I give you this...

That's pineapple #1 out of the 30 in our yard and mmmmmmmm MMMM! It was TOO good. Wish I could send you just a slice! Next year we'll have to sell these since they seem to grow so easily and come out oh so sweet (organic too!)

As the universe craves balance, with the joys of first fruits comes the blahs of knitting foibles. Now, granted...I was pretty happy with this sweater when I first knit it because I had not made a full size knit garment for myself before, and it was really quite an experience. It's the Easy V-Neck Pullover from Glampyre, an ultra clever pattern. Trouble is...I forced this Cascade 220 yarn to be something it did NOT want to be. And with all my instincts nagging me to quit, I still pressed on...even stubbornly added stripes that will be a pain when I unravel this.

A yarn close-up:

I knit this for the Knitting World Cup, but no me gusta! I am seriously considering unraveling it and making it into something else. I would love any feedback from my knitting buddies on this. Have you done it before? Was the agony of frogging worth it? *Sigh*. Help.

At least there are more pineapples to look forward to, and much more yarn to mess with.