Feb 7, 2006

Support Local Artists II

I want to brag on some more of my creative friends by posting their "handy" work here. The first photo to the left is of a shadow box frame that my bestest buddy Kelli made in her wood shop at home. I've had it in my office for a while now, and will soon find something worthy to display in it. The best thing about Kelli is that she just doesn't look like the Miter Saw type (think London runway), but that's only one facet of her well-roundedness. I know she'll turn redder than a ripe beet after reading this so I'll spare her any more gushing.

The next photo below is from a crochet newbie, Tanya - she and I have actually bonded over yarn. We used to do some show and tell at work, and she actually helped me to see the beauty of puttting some more pennies on the counter and getting MUCH nicer yarns. She knit some gorgeous Italian wool scarves last year, but this is a view of her first solo crochet project. This scarf just begs you to pet it (it's from a set of 3 gifts for her girls). I'm so proud of her courage to pick up the single hook and get busy!