Feb 20, 2006

Cuddleworthy (and the hats are cute too)

***more pics coming***

Celllllllll-uh-brate good times, come on! Whew! I'm nose deep in a sinus infection and trying to improve my spirits (life is 90% attitude, right? AAAAACHOOOO!!! Ewwww...Right.).

Just another quick post to shamelessly brag on our mini-empresses. The short of it (cuz typing hurts my eyes) is that Adachi started reading this week. Like, sentences! And Mizan...well she's doing all the "I'm about to be big girl" stuff that makes me grin - dressing and undressing herself, drawing pictures of things you can actually make out. It's a proud mommy week I tell ya.

Needle news...I was so tickled to find a simple mathematical way to make any roll brimmed hat with any yarn at Crazy Aunt Purl's blog, that I just had to put some more hat pictures up. Here are some shots of the girls in hats I've made for them...Enjoy! Oh, and you have my permission to gush incessantly over them as though they were your own!

My favorite part of knitting and crocheting for our toddlers is that they haven't a CLUE when mommy makes a mistake (like this too large hat I "designed" myself where Adachi could store nuts for the winter while wearing it...be sure to check your gauge before you begin...blah, blah, blah). My latent perfectionism won't let that excuse ride for long though.

Stitchin' on...