Apr 8, 2007

Location, location, location

I've been working for this company in Jersey now for 4 months, and in that time, I have never managed to actually check out any of the local yarn stores...a first for me, as that is usually the primary non-business stop on any of my trips. The challenge has been finding one that I can get to over lunch, or one that opens late enough that I can stop in after work. No luck in the immediate vicinity...but I was not deterred!

Thursday night,
Cindy and I met at Stix and Stitches in Montclair, NJ. Though we weren't so sure about what adventure awaited us in this south Jersey township, they did have a knit night until 9pm, so it looked promising. Not to mention that we haven't ever actually knit together in the 8 months since we met (and still haven't), we thought this might be good. Quaint little shop, small town, maybe we'd find a nice local restaurant to refuel in after our browsing...boy did we underestimate this adventure!

After 2 hours of strolling through the shop, jaw dropped, I managed to grab these at closing time

Bearfoot Mountain Colors 003_Rszd

Bearfoot Mountain Colors 002_Rszd
Mountain Colors Bearfoot handpainted sock yarns in "Sierra" and "Larkspur"
60 % Superwash Wool, 25 % Mohair, 15 % Nylon

There was just so much to see, and not just the skeins of loveliness on the walls; the ladies at Knit Night were working on some beautiful projects in lace, Fair Isle, and more!

We thought the night couldn't get much better. Wrong again...we stepped out into the freezing night air and realized we hadn't settled on a place to eat. Sheila (the store owner) was VERY helpful with this as well. She suggested an Ethiopian restaurant in walking distance, and we headed over. Masob (/mah sohb'/) was it's name and I was in love from walking in.

Masob 2 - 040507

Masob 3 - 040507

Masob 4 - 040507

First time with Ethiopian cuisine for Cindy (she's such a trooper!)and a 3rd for me. Service was great, and the food was soooooo good. We both had Kemem shai tea (cardamon, cinnamon, mint, and about 3 other ingredients) and shared a sampler plate of spicy meats, veggies and injira.

Masob 5 - 040507

I'm already looking forward to going back. Cindy and I have had pretty good luck with finding great new fiber and food stops. Who knows, one of these days instead of filling our stashes and feeding our tummies, we may actually just sit somewhere and knit together. But for now, why mess with a good thing?

Cindy & Marce - 040507