Apr 27, 2007

No SSS Here

Second Sock Syndrome is powerful. It can grip you but good...mostly because you've just been through all that it takes to make the first sock, AND you know the utter uselessness of a single sock. How's that for a sock and a furry place?

As promised, I did cast on for #2 this week. Mom saw #1 last night and told me that I should open a store and sell my knitting. *Sigh* Gotta love mom.

I'm also working hard on my other knit goal, which is to finish my Central Park Hoodie before my next trip to Jersey. I have visions of wearing it to the office on casual Friday. "Why yes, yes I did knit this....oh thank you, yes, it was nothing really". (giggle)

Send some productivity vibes my way and I'll bounce some right backatchya!
Enjoy your weekend!