Apr 15, 2007

Stash Buster's Log: Month 3

Warning: This post was shamelessly stolen from my StashAlong post and out of sheer laziness was not edited in any way to fit the context of this blog...but I thought I'd keep you guys up on what's happening in the House of Fiber.

So I'm in for another 2 months as I mentioned in my last post, and this time I'm allowing myself one free day - that has now been used. In the last 2 weeks, I found 3 new yarn stores within driving distance of my company's HQ. But I've got it out of my system, and I found that 2 of those store have Knit Nights, so I can go and meet some new knitters and start working on some finishing, instead of stash enhancement. Another new fixation I've found though? Patterns!! *Sigh* I'm a stockpiler, what can I say....

Posting some quick pics here of a finished project that was a completely random choice (the multicolored Homespun shawl) and another project that has been the favorite lately, my Sangria socks. The shawl was knit with 2 yarns held together, and that allowed me to use up nearly all of 2 skeins. Homespun is not much of a fiber favorite, but All.Stash.Must. Go. One way or the other. Since the photo, the sock is now 4" from being finished, and it will need a mate, which I will start immediately after finishing the first (the only way to make sure there is actually a mate).

Next time, 3 yarn shops and some fabulous tea - and in Jersey no less!