Dec 28, 2006

Don't Call It A Comeback

It must be the yarn embargo that hubby has imposed until post New Year...or maybe it's all the exposure to the beautiful things I have read about and seen that everyone ELSE is finishing, or it could be that my UFOs (unfinished objects) have been hanging around so long that they have evolved into intelligent beings, which can now actually call to me from my knitting bags - if that's so, this one would likely use foul language.

I present my oldest, and most sorely neglected work-in-progress-turned-wearable knit...

GBOY Shrug 011

This cropped cardi/shrug has been on (and off) my needles since fall of 2005. It was one of the first things I brought to Knit Night at GBOY, where I got great help and advice on constructing it, which I have since long forgotten apparently because the pattern is covered now in post it notes with feverish scribblings of things I had to work out on my own.

GBOY Shrug 018

GBOY Shrug 015

  • Berroco Cotton Twist in Color 8387 (it should be called Berroco Cotton Splits!)
  • 85 yds/ball; I used about 8 balls for the Medium size (Back 19", Length 16")
  • Needles - 24" US 5 circular, 24" US 6 circular, and US 6 dpns

Since I started this and re-started it as I was becoming a better knitter, I can now say that the pattern is pretty well written and easy to follow. The construction is only a little hairy when it comes to joining the sleeve to the raglan edge of the body at the armhole. My main struggle with this one was really just that the yarn would split and snag something awful if you just breathed on it hard.

I like the fit, but am still not 100% sure this cropped shrug style is for me. I think it's a little loose around the back. Also, I knit and unknit the front band/collar ribbing about 8 times, and I'm still not thrilled with that part. Something about my calculations for that were off because I adjusted the length. I also extended the sleeve length a bit too much - knit and learn.

I take pleasure in seeing it finished though. Who knows...I may just make this finishing stuff a habit (oh goodness, jinxed it already...ah well).

Thanks for looking!

GBOY Shrug 003