Dec 9, 2006

As I Live & Breathe

Wednesday of this week marked my first official day as a new employee at VI (so it shall henceforth be named). Um...for anyone of you that track weather even in passing, you know that traveling FROM Florida TO New Jersey anytime in the last few days was a frosty adventure indeed. I actually got delayed there an extra night because of weather cancellations, etc. I was sufficiently appeased by my gift of granola bars and bottled water at the airport Marriott though. Membership and privileges, yadda yadda yadda - I'm glad to be home.

So, you would think that the smiling of the Gods upon me would only have included actually getting on the payroll and safely navigating my way through winter weather (all the wool I own wrapped strategically)...but no! I got EXTRA blessings. I got to see My Kelli! She was in town returning from a customer visit and we had dinner AND breakfast together. Here, look -
(click to enlarge)

Kelli H 120806

Marce & Kelli 120806

That's her in the flesh! Just as lovely and darling and wonderful as ever. We laughed like we always do and hugged much. She did tell me that it didn't seem real that we actually get to work together again until she strolled over to my temporary cubicle. Superb timing too because she also nearly bumped into The Maddeningly Cute Sales Guy as he was exiting my boss' office. Ahem! I digress...

I must admit that I did VERY little knitting (and I mean a # of rows that you could count on one hand). To make up for it, I did find some crocheters and a knitter in the office!! You know we can spot each other a mile away. I was even treated to some crochet show & tell by one of the fabulous front desk receptionists. Extra blessing here was that My Knitting Co-Worker invited me to her class next Tuesday night! Oh...did I mention I'm going BACK to the frozen north for another week?! Mercy. Functional/practical fiber lust now has a whole new relevance in my life.

My current project is the Irish Hiking Scarf, which I'm making in Patons Classic. After a visit to a friend today, it looks like as soon as I finish this one it will be out on loan for their Christmas trip to Canada. Love it when it all comes together for good.

Holla at me dahlings! Miss gabbing with ya! MWAH!