Dec 12, 2006

Warmth On & Off the Needles

I FINALLY finished my mangled version of the Irish Hiking Scarf

No, your monitor does not need adjustment, the scarf is in fact two tone. I bought the tweedy gray/white from a yarn store that was closing at a time when I didn't know that just one skein won't usually do it (especially for a longer scarf). I got the solid color from a craft store mainly because it was the closest to the color in the tweed. I keep telling myself that when I wrap it around my neck, it's not that noticeable...humor me.

I had a great evening with KR - My CoWorker Who Knits. She took me with her to her knitting class @ the local Panera Bread (uh...YUM?). She is such a treat! Funny, easy going, and a darn good knitter! That made for a great time all around...not to mention that her teacher and fellow knitters were so welcoming. Check out the felted wine cozy she finished and the lacy scarf she has on the needles, in DB Cashmerino Aran no less!

Thanks KR!

Still missing home, but the work stuff is going really well. My new colleagues are very free with their time and information; that makes a big difference for a rookie. Got to stay positive and remember to keep my gratitude at a high.