Jan 2, 2007


Another great family weekend to report! Drew's surprise 10th Anniversary gift was a trip for all of us to Orlando where we stayed in a really nice hotel and had ourselves a BALL! Get this, the hotel was connected to the mall! As in, you go down to the lobby, pass the Front desk and straight ahead into the Florida Mall. Needless to say my shopping spree commenced pretty quickly (apparently that was part of his plan as well...the dear man). Got some new digs, had a great time in the pool with the girls, and just loved on my hubby as much as I could. Tomorrow I leave for New Jersey, this time for NINE days. Yes, I know. If I have your number and I call you weeping, just remind me how many short days left until I can hug my children again, ok? Thanks, you're a love.

Here's a slideshow of our goings on while we were there.

I even managed to knit in the car all the way there and back - you just gotta love a good book on tape and a spouse who loves to drive!

Anniversary Weekend 020

I hope your New Year has started off the way you would like. And if not, hey, it's early - turn that sucker around and let's press on!