Aug 21, 2006


Hello darlings!!
Been a while hasn't it? I do so miss our chats...but ironically I'm writing to say that I'll be "offline" for the next week or so.

As you know, I've just returned from 2 weeks of being away from home. Well now I have sweet talked my way into 5 days vacation from work. Woo hoo!! Vacation - As in, no phone calls, no IM's at ridiculous (outside of business) hours, and no travel. I almost don't know what to do with myself. Luckily, the 3 other people that live here are SO good at making a schedule of fun and laughter for me that I won't be idle for any time at all, I'm sure of it.

I had a fantastic time at so many different points in my trip. Even though it was hard to only talk with the girls every day and not actually squeeze and smooch them, I met up with old friends and brand new ones who made me feel loved and welcome. Here's a short, but I hope complete, list of those who made 14 days away such a treat.

A HUGE thanks to Cindy, my first out of town hostess who made me love NY for a whole new reason.
To all the KH Mod Squad Crew (Kelly, Hilde, Julie, Andrea, and Angelia) + Vicky for your company and open arms (and also of course, your expert yarn shopping enablement). Mercy my bags returned heavy!

To Susan and Nora and their friends, thanks for showing me that urban living really does have great perks!

Sean, my fab knit boyfriend, and Gmail companion, you are the best!! Thanks to you I had new yarn, a new pattern, new tea and aromatherapy by candle...In a HOTEL room! Can you even fathom it people??! That's goodness.

Smooches also for my Kelli, who swells my heart each time she shows her unconditional kindness. When all the airport security madness was swarming around me, it was Kel who called to check on me and chat me up until I passed through my first of 5 security checks for the trip.

Felicia, beloved wife of Mau (now 30 but still FABulous)- she throws a mean party, and her gratitude just makes you want to do anything she asks! Kiesha - I don't have to wish we were sisters for real...we're as close as it gets. It's always a better party when you're there.

Whew!! We had a blast in the A-T-L ya' made me feel young again (almost - ha!).
And a big LOVE YOU to the rest of my Section 2 family (Rattlers 'till we die baby). Each of you was a highlight in your own right, and you made my last weekend away pass with joy. There are only a few things that come close in comparison to time spent with my blood family, and you are at the top of that list.

Hub, I know you never ever read this blog, but anyone else reading will know that I said NOTHING I do is possible without you. Knowing you were watching over our girls all day, every day, through all the sometimes fun -but often unsexy - details of parenthood made each day away easier to take. You're it!

So while I'm away, I won't be writing in here, but I will be reading as much as I can about what the rest of you are up to. Keep me posted and watch for me in your comments. In the mean time I've given you plenty of links in here with wonderful reading (trust me).

MWAH! Until...