Aug 29, 2006

I Am Still Knitting

I think I'll reuse this post heading repeatedly...

Just to catch you up, I was able to finish the Wrist Warmers from Last minute Knitted Gifts for Kamau's birthday gift (and when I say finished, I mean that the 2nd one was bound off and wrapped about 10 minutes before he came downstairs for breakfast). Here are a few pictures, unmodeled, modeled by Mau and modeled by me mid-progress.

The neatest thing was that everyone totally humored me and complimented them. Hopefully he finds good use for them on a brisk Georgia day or on his next ski trip! (Plus, his mom is a knitter and I LOVED the opportunity to make another small connection with her - she's ultra cool).

I liked the ease of this pattern, and it gave me great experience knitting a tube on 2 circulars...much faster than the DPN method I found. I wasn't too sure about the thumb opening instructions though. I ignored them on the left hand warmer and the ribbing is great, then I forced myself to follow them on the right side, and as you see in the photo, the ribbing is off a stitch. Knit and learn darlings...knit and learn. The patterns, they can be wrong.

More pictures to share later - this time, there will be yarn.