Apr 18, 2006

I Have a Soft Spot for Niceness

I've been a bit discouraged about posting recently because (a) I just don't want to blather on about uninteresting or useless things...well, not this week anyway, and (b) uploading pictures to blogger is a true exercise in patience and great practice for my yoga breathing relaxation techniques. That being said, I would be remiss not to send a cyber shout out to the ladies of Uncommon Threads in York, PA. Yes, I was traveling up north again, and Yes I did managed to find yet another local yarn shop that I love, and YES....I bought stuff. Moving on...

Uncommon Threads is owned by Beth, and Kathy (who I didn't meet, but it was the phone conversation with her that convinced me to drive 35 minutes from my hotel to go and love on some yarn in their shop).

Here's the email I got from Beth after my visit there (Note: this message has not been edited or altered in any way to exaggerate the niceness of said yarn shop owner, they really were just this sweet!):

Hi Marce, It was SO nice to meet you last Wednesday night. We all had a great time, but that's not unusual. I hope your work brings you back to the Central PA area again. We'll expect to see you!
Beth Lutz
Uncommon Threads

The Alpaca Yarn Company1-866-440-PACA (7222)
www.thealpacayarnco.com (Beth's Yarn Co.)

And here is the picture Beth took for me (since my phone cam battery was DOA). Beth and Kim are at the far right standing:

Other things from that night that I'm still gushing on and on about...

- the afore-mentioned loveliness of Beth and Kim (as helpful to me as to their Wednesday night regulars)

-the multitude of yarns I have never fondled before...*sigh* It's the little things. During this trip I found out that I actuallly DO like to window shop! Just long enough to decide what I'm going to buy.

-my acquisition of new sock yarn. Yes - I said SOCKS. I'm going there people. You can't leave me alone for a second!!

-Kim's teenage daughters, who in my opinion could run their own yarn store right now and make me want to teach the girls to knit and quick; one of them has even modeled for a magazine promo of The Alpaca Yarn Company

-one of their customers finished THE most gorgeous sweater/jacket that night (shown in the middle of the table in the picture) pretty trim and all. I tell you, when she put that sweater on...you'd think I'd been watching her knit it stitch by stitch all along. That's how thrilled I was for her. She got big hugs and kudos from the knitting gurus there too. It was lovely. We had a moment. Wish you could have been there.

So...I was inspired yet again to start compiling these stories for my dream publishing of the "Yarn Tour of America" book..but apparently, that book already exists. Ah well...back to the fantasy career drawing board.

I wonder if Beth would loan me a couple of Alpacas?