Apr 10, 2006

Stash 'n WIPs and Edna Jones

Seven whole days, without a word from you..." - Toni Braxton

I don't have anything witty or profound to write about in today's post (now you're scrolling back on the sidebar thinking "Hold up! When did she write something witty or profound!?? Did I miss that post???")

Just wanted to flash my stash and show what's on the needles...Ry Diggy was here for a visit, digital camera in tow...so I took advantage of that fact and borrowed it to take these (don't worry, I fed him, s'all good) :

This 3-level shelf shows the mounds and bags of yarn that my darling hubby expects I should use up completley before I buy any more yarn. If you knit or crochet, or have a "stash" of any kind...you know exactly how laughable that is. I do know that Target has good deals on some other space saver shelving and Rubbermaid tubs though...It's a sickness - don't try to understand.

Your eyes do not deceive you...on the left side of Adachi's Top Down Cardigan, that is in fact a sleeve. Well, it's the start of a sleeve. My goal for this one is to add my own touches in the coloring (the pattern shows a solid, but that much stockinette with no changes would make me batty). I'm just coming up with striping as a I go. I'm also going to attempt intarsia by making a big heart on the back. Cross your fingers. Oh - and let me just say for the record...I've had it up to here with cotton yarn. Historical references not withstanding, I don't think I was meant to handle this much cotton in this short a span of time.....And so, if you can't be with the yarn you love honey, start lovin' on some NEW yarn!

This is my Booga Bag. If you do a search for this pattern online, I would bet you come up with a thousand hits easily. Seems like I read about it so much that the Noro yarn actually called to me from the shelf in the Knutty Knitter yarn store in Harrisburg, PA last week. Can I just say - wool is where it's AT! I have been missing out. This is going to be my first felting adventure too, so this shot will serve as the before picture. When it's felted and dried I'll model it for ya.

That does it for the crafty bizness. I leave you with this...When I'm in my 50's, I wanna be charismatic and gorgeous like Oprah (I won't kid myself by coveting the cash). When I'm in my 60's, gimme some of that Tina Turner shimmy shake, and I'll take the legs too, thank you very much. And when I'm 80...I want the courage of Mrs. Edna Jones. Edna Jones was seated right behind me last week when I flew from Harrisburg, PA on my way home. She and her daughter were flying to Atlanta to see Edna's grandson...but get this, this was Edna's FIRST flight EVER!! She will be 80 years old this November (good month) and she told her daughter that she wanted to "try something new". I was so struck by that kind of gumption and adventurousness that I had to take her picture.

Thanks Edna & Bonita for letting me be so nosey, and inspiring me to keep on trying new things. I hope you had an amazing trip and that you get the chance to take many more together!