Jun 16, 2007

Travel Tales / Super Saturday

Yesterday I returned from a 7-day trip away from home. Another one of my classic leisure/business combos. I found out that my friend Gia was going to DC for a conference and so I hitched a ride with another friend of ours from New Jersey into DC. We had a good time catching up and exploring some places in the city. We also spent some time with another couple of friends and their adorable baby Zora. Korey and Kishanna are expecting again this fall and it was great to see them.

Eastern Market DC 060907
DC festivities on a hot Saturday afternoon

Gia @ Eastern Mkt
The lovely Ms. Giavanni

Tunde Marce and the socks 060907
Tunde & I with my knitting in public on World Wide Knit In Public Day

The Browns_2
Kishanna, Korey, and little Zora

From the knitting bag, 2 main projects kept me company during the trip, the Forever Jacquard self-striping socks

Forever Jacquard Socks on 2 Circs

and sock #2 in the Sangria Sock pair. Because the blue socks have both my KnitPicks size 1 (2.5mm) circulars in use, I ordered another 32# size 1 and will attempt to complete this sock using the Magic Loop method. My status over at the Stashalong depends on it. Wish me luck!

Sangria Sock 2 Close Up

How are things in your neck of the woods?