Jun 25, 2007

Another Shrug? Sure, Why Not

You'd think I have secret plans to move to a remote arctic village or something the way I'm craving (and finishing) wooly sweaters lately. Working for a NJ-based company certainly helps to justify my winter fibers collection somewhat, but as for the rapid succession of sweaters joining my to-do list lately (when it's 94 degrees on a cool day here), well...I really can't speak for it. Some of you are knitters and crafters, you understand the compulsion. The rest of you are still scratching your heads as to why I knit at all! Ha! :)

Well, if you've been reading here for a while, you know how I feel about supporting local artists - and by local I mean those in my expanding circle of friends and loved ones. To my delight, yet another superstar has popped up in my circle - she's not a newbie by any means, but she's new to me and I'm glad! Introducing
Sarah Wilson.

Sarah's a featured designer now at my
LYS, and one of the newest members of my InStitches knitting group. Sarah doesn't know it, but her latest design, the Girl's Best Friend Shrug has come to the rescue of my stash in a BIG way. Here are some shots from the pattern:

Now I know EXACTLY what to do with those 4 delicious skeins of Malabrigo that I bought at Stiches Midwest last year. YAY! Nearly 800 yards will be gobbled up by this beauty, and I can't wait! If you like this one too, just CLICK HERE to download the FREE PDF.

Enjoy! I'm sure we haven't seen this last of this lovely lady's talents.