Jun 4, 2007


Noro Iro circular knitting

The mystery knit is now complete and will be blocked in the next couple of days, then pictures will soon follow. I'm about 80% happy with this one, but that should change if the blocking affects the fit the way I'm hoping it will. Much of my glee comes with having used 655 yards up from the stash and completed it in under a month!

Noro Iro Yarn & Swatch

I had a mini crisis moment last night when I nearly ran out of yarn for the bind off, but then the Yarn Harlot came to my rescue (an old post, but OH SO valuable). I didn't end up using this technique because I frogged a few rows to salvage some yarn (grrr). But knowing that this was available if I ran out mid-way kept me sane.

Leftover Noro Iro - So close!
The tidbit that's left.

Once I show you the mystery knit modeled, I will try to remember to cover some key points:

- Pattern/Technique Specifics (the wooly details)
- Spit felting (sounds so ick, but works like a charm - less ends to weave in!)
- Manhandling wool - Do blocked knits really have more fun? (or at least get more wear?)

Shrug Sleeve/body junction

In the mean time, pull up a chair at the table, the discussion is going quite well and will only get better once you show up.