Oct 14, 2005

Two Words...Bikram Yoga

I find it funny to even write this post, because it just occurred to me that I have added yet another "gotta have it" hobby to my growing list. "Hobby" might be the wrong name for this one though, since it's more of a practice that spills over into a lifestyle. A co-worker and new friend of mine turned me on to it just last week and today was my 2nd class. Now this guy is knocking on 50's door and he doesn't look it by about 20 years!! A compelling sell, I must say. For anyone who hasn't tried it before, Bikram Yoga is a Hatha yoga practice made up of 26 postures and done for 90 minutes in a room that is heated to about 106 degrees. Sweat, stretch, hold, breathe, repeat.

The studio we attended has really good energy and our teacher today was even better than yesterday (Did I mention that these people look AMAZING and have boundless energy for instruction at 6am???) If you've done yoga before, I highly recommend this particular style. Don't let the heat deter you, because my experience is that the constant sweating feels perfectly appropriate for what you're doing. If you've never done yoga before, try it anyway. There is something to be said for shutting out all the external influences of a typical day, starting from your center, and breathing through what might seem impossible. Definitely something we could all use, on and off the yoga mat dontchya think? Namaste!!