Mar 30, 2009


And with March Monogamy is now complete (soon to be followed by "All Projects Welcome" April to be sure) :)

Tropican Jaden - March 2009

Pattern: A combination of Jaden for the bottom lace and Tropicana for the top shaping (pattern links are to Ravelry); my Rav project notes are here.

Yarn: S.R. Kertzer Butterfly Super 10 (Fantastic yarn, but boy does cotton stretch!)

Needles: US Size 4 (bottom and straps) and Size 3 (ribbed bodice)

Mods: The obvious one is that I made this a short-sleeved tank instead of a long-sleeve pullover. I also had to do some major match for fit on this one because the stitch counts for both patterns didn't quite account for fitting the...erm..."girls".

I would like to say that I'd like to do some parts of this over (the straps are loose and the single crochet bind off is wobbly), but that wouldn't be exactly true. I don't want to do another thing to or with this project. It's time on my needles has come and is now passed. I'm mostly pleased with the result, and learned alot about what I'm capable of when I just won't let a project beat me (and I mean stuff other than how many curse words I know).

Thanks for your support!!