Mar 5, 2009

Ahhh...Love at First Step*

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This yarn started out its life as another pair of socks altogether, but after some frustration with modifying that pattern to be knit toe up with a short row heel, I went digging around Ravelry for a replacement pattern. Cables? Toe Up? Easy to memorize repeats? Yes please !

Girlfriend Socks - Out & About
Boyfriend Socks by Alice Bell
Yarn by Tess Designer Yarns, Super Sock & Baby yarn
Needles - US 1 1/2 (2.5mm) mostly; US 0 for the ankle and heel section

The knitting on these started in October, and ended in March...interesting that their twisty-turny meandering pattern matches quite well my knitting life - and life in general - over that same time period. I worried over EVERY thing each time I picked these up. Would they end up too small? (nope!) Could I deal with a certain amount of pooling? (no problem!) Can I live with the holes in my first short row heel? (of course! a badge of honor!). But once I bound off with some great instruction from this video, the worry slipped away. I LUV them!

Girlfriend Socks - Out & About
Hand knits belong in the great outdoors

~I skipped the cabling pattern on the back of the leg and knit plain stockinette there instead. I wanted these to be longer, and thought this would be a good way to maximize yarn usage.

This yarn is wonderful! Really springy and the color is so rich. It doesn't split, and the slight variegation still allows the cables to show up well. I would make this pattern again, and I will definitely use this yarn again (ahem...I have 2 more skeins in the stash, so...).

Girlfriend Socks - Cableliscious

Oh, and I MUST give a shout out to all you Toe Up Sock Knitters - this technique is brilliant! I knit until there were only inches of yarn left to use. I feel so resourceful and non-wasteful and satisfied. Sigh. Already looking forward to my next pair

Girlfriend Socks - no scraps Girlfriend Socks - no scraps