Nov 21, 2007

Each One Teach Two

**Thanks for all of your super nice comments on my last FO; you make this so much FUN**

Now for some news - Adachi has learned how to cast on and knit. Mizan has learned how to cast on and crochet a chain.

Adachi's Knitting Mizan's Crochet

I've introduced Adachi to knitting on a few occasions before, but this time I think it has really stuck. Recently both she and Mizan asked me "Mommy, will you teach me how to knit?", and "Mommy, show me how to crochet." Be still my fiber-luvin heart! I took them to the library post haste; we found some kid-friendly books (I recommend this one in particular), and we sat down and worked at it. I taught Adachi to make a slip knot, how to do the backward loop cast on, and now she's working away on garter rows for a scarf (note: she asked to start with a scarf, I would have had her working on circulars and making a sock first, but patience is a virtue...).

The Girls Start Knitting 001 Adachi Knitting The Girls Start Knitting 006 The Girls Start Knitting 007
Even Mizan got in on the lesson by helping to count stitches.

She even did a few stitches on her own winter hat for the trip:

Adachi's Ribbed Finished Nov 2007

Nature and nurture have really gone hand in hand here. Let me explain what I mean by that. See, I knit alot. Now, even though I don't have huge lacey FO's flying off the needles, and my projects are sometimes few and far between, I knit Every. Single. Day. Sick, well, at home, traveling, in the car, before bed, whenever I can. So since I work from my house, you can imagine that my girls see a whole lotta knittin' goin' on. In fact, I dread the day when someone I work with asks them what it's like having mommy working from home and they chirp joyfully "It's great! She knits all day long, and finds these nice patterns, and talks with her knitting friends". Sigh. A worry for another day. I think that exposure is the first part of the reason that they have shown such a recent interest in learning - the nurture factor; it's just part of their environment.

Part 2 is the influence of their innate creative nature. Both girls like to "make things up", my oldest especially. Like me, they enjoy taking some thing (or many somethings) and turning it into something else. Like this...

The Girls & Crafts 003 Super Saturday - Crafty Hat 2

I became even more aware that this is something that they came to the planet with when I realized that rather than wait for me to do crafty activities with them, they are perfectly content to do their own crafting using original ideas and whatever they can reach in the cupboards (hide your paper towel rolls!).

Allow me to be selfish for just a you realize how much faster my stash would be reduced with THREE knitters in the house? *Sigh* Just add this to the list of the MANY things I'm thankful for in my life.

On that note, I hope that each of you will find an Attitude of Gratitude this holiday that makes you feel way more full than any stuffing ever could. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!