Nov 27, 2007

Travel Tales & Clapotis Countdown

Just a quick update to say that all is well in the (not-so) frozen north. In an event that can only be attributed to the power of a child's wish we landed safely on Thursday right in the midst of the first snow of the season. As we sat on the tarmac for an hour and a half waiting for things to be de-iced and cleared, my two little munchkins were the only ones on the plane clapping and squealing at the white powdery wonderland. Apparently the first snow fall brings about other feelings for residents here.

Travel - Day 1 016
A view from the plane just before landing

Knowing that this first snow wouldn't hang around long, we did all we could to take advantage of it. A quick thrift store stop produced ski pants for the girls to wear so that sledding and snow angels filled the major part of our first 2 days.

Winter Vacation Day3 041 Winter Vacation Day3 031
Winter Vacation Day3 032 Winter Vacation Day3 033

That can certainly wear out even the heartiest cold weather adventurer.

Naptime Day2-2

As for me - I'm fighting the urge to hibernate by committing to a very tight gift deadline. I cast on for my second Clapotis while traveling here last Thursday, and I intend to have it finished by the time we're packing up to leave on this coming Sunday. Why the rush you ask? Well, I want my darling aunty who is feeding us and putting us up all week to have something warm and woolly to remind her of our stay (and hopefully bribe her away from her plan to keep the girls here with her after we're gone, which she has already threatened to do). My calculations say I need to knit 39 rows on it per day for the next 5 days to reach this goal. Knit mojo don't fail me now!

Clapotis 2 in Progress 001 Clapotis 2 in Progress 006
Clapotis #2 in Cascade 220 HandDyed Yarn, Color is Indiana Summer
Knit on KnitPicks Circular US Size 8(5mm)
Winter Vacation Day 2 027

I hope your week is going well too! No need to send warm thoughts our way, we're quite cozy and comfortable wrapped in hand knit goodness and enjoying the blessing of uninterrupted family fun time. Well ok, some warm thoughts would be nice - if it's not too much trouble.

More pictures later this week or when we return!

Winter Vacation Day 2 028

Winter Vacation Day 2 020
Look! Islanders in the snow!