Nov 16, 2007

Bring It

Ok winter, c'mon. Let's have it. No sense tiptoeing now...I got my wool, my needles, and my determination. So bring it!

"But Marce", I hear you saying, "Um, honey, you live in FLORIDA".

Yes, I know.

"And were born in JAMAICA".

Uh huh. Right.

"So what gives?"

Well, in a moment of what can only be described as sheer insanity brilliance, we decided that this year's family vacation spot would be Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Average temperature in November? 37.8 Degrees. Not to worry though friends, this is totally doable!! Just ask Stephanie. It's just that kind of icy weather that my knitting journey has prepared me for. The vacation planning has had my needles working overtime lately.

Here's what has come off of them most recently:

Mizan's Raglan Pullover Finished Mizan's Raglan Pullover Finished 004 Raglan Pullover Finished 009

Raglan Pullover, loosely based on the Circumnavigate Pattern from this book
Yarn - Plymouth Encore Worsted in Navy & Wedgewood
Needles - US 6, and 8 KnitPicks Options using Magic Loop method

This sweater is such an easy knit and it's my second time around. I predict I'll make several of them. It's knit from the top down and the raglan shaping is done with M1 (lifted bar) increases randomly spaced throughout the yoke. Loads of possibilities to customize it to your taste.

Next up, the
Utopia Hat from Smariek knits:
Mizan's Utopia Hat Mizan's Utopia Hat 004
Mizan's Utopia Hat 002 Mizan's Utopia Hat 003
Knit with Plymouth Encore Worsted, Walnut color
Needles - KnitPicks Options US Size 8, Magic Loop method (see a theme here?)

This hat pattern is really well done. The decreases work out so well that there is no "nipply" thingy at the top - love that. The cables are pleasing and add to the head hugging factor very well.

Modifications - I knit the starting 2x2 rib longer so that there is no flaring when the cables start. Since this was for my little one, I did 4 repeats of the lower cables and only 2 repeats of the upper cables. Another benefit to knitting in the round on one loooooong 60" circular needle is that I was able to slide the unfinished tube onto the cable and try it on her as I went along so I knew just went to start the decreasing for the crown. I'm very happy with the fit, and so is she!

We head north in one week, and there are more knits to come. What about your winter woolens? I know some of you live in places where heavy fibers are a must! I've got to tell you, I almost envy you (House swap next year?? I'm in!). For those of you who don't knit, but you're starting to feel Jack Frost nipping at your nose, I suggest you befriend a knitter. Quickly. You won't be sorry.