Jan 16, 2007

As Promised...

Hello my lovelies,

First, a side story. I'm feeling much better today, and that's saying alot because yesterday was "interesting". Yesterday was Route Canal Day. I can't express how much I dislike dental procedures, except by telling you that I started fretting over this appointment from the moment after I made it about 1 month ago. I tried all weekend to think of a plausible excuse not to go, but couldn't come up with one. Funny how small things make a big difference though...I made it through that appointment yesterday without so much as a tear, and do you know why?? Because I knit.

That's right, my wonderful, super kind, and so very understanding of my "quirkiness" dentist allowed me to listen to my music (loud to drown out the drill) and KNIT. I brought out some stash yarn that's meant to be a felted tote eventually, and I knit to my heart's ease the entire 90 minutes. I only took breaks to spit and rinse, but otherwise that Stockinette stitch went round and round and kept me calm. Music, yoga breathing and knitting (plus the local anesthetic of course) and I was a happy girl! Next Monday, appointment 1 of 2 for my crown...that tote will be done in no time. I've even asked the hygienist if she'll take a few pictures for me, so you can share in my insane...err...ingenious calming technique. At the park on Sunday Adachi said to me, "Mommy, you can knit ANYwhere can't you?". Yes darling, apparently so.

Thanks to my wonderful Sean who tagged me to list 6 Weird Things About Me. Here they are in no particular order:

  • I was born with the remnants of what would have been a 6th finger on my left hand. I know that this extra digit was nearly my destiny because (a) I have the tiniest lithe extra fingernail under my left pinky's nail, and (b) more than one of my family members either has one or has had one removed. Maybe we were supposed to become a whole new sector of people that learned how to do some totally amazing thing with this additional pinky, who knows?
  • In the last three to five years I have suddenly become allergic to dairy, acetaminophen, and sadly wheat. Who knew you could just "grow" an allergy????
  • Without being too graphic, I have this weird thing about not having anything on my feet, including and especially socks, when I'm..umm..."indisposed". Yeah, public restrooms are so NOT my favorite place to be *sigh*
  • I've only thrown up once in my teen to adult life (beets from some veggie juice), but other than that I don't have this reflex....sadly, not even when it would REALLY have come in handy - my body just won't give stuff back.
  • I have nightmares at least 3 to 4 times per week, usually dealing with some harm coming to someone I love and me not being able to save them or get someone else to believe me when I say they need rescuing. Stress much?
  • I've survived 3 life-threatening situations: a car ran over me when I was 3 (only a scratched forehead); our home flooded while I was asleep in bed with mom at age 5 and we literally floated out to safety; I totaled my car 7 years ago and walked away from it even though the front end was crushed into the back seat...and I still have dreams about dying early. Yeah - I'm hard headed like that.

Still here? Oh good.

On a less weird and much lighter note, behold my score from my trip with KR and Cindy to Knit NY last Thursday:

All good stuff. Currently on the needles, I'm plugging away at the first sweater for the year (for me, can you believe it?). It's the Central Park Hoodie from the Fall '06 edition of KnitScene - more photos of that next post...I've stolen enough of your time for today.