Jun 19, 2008

You Say Compulsion, I Call it Passion

Ok, I admit it. I can be a bit compulsive sometimes. I find something I like, and I just dive right in. If that something requires an investment of time? I give it every spare minute I can scrounge up. If it's something that requires supplies (oooh...lemme seee, like say yarn in all colors, weights, and fibers) I get them...I get them by the tub load. And like any compulsive behavior, the collection of "stuff" that comes along with it is usually directly proportional to the degree of compulsion. It goes a little something like this....

I think I want to learn to crochet. I know! I'll go to the library and get a book. Now that I'm in the aisle with my 9 books on how to crochet, maybe I should just flip through these knitting books and see what that's about. Perfect. Now that I've checked out these 18 books on knitting and crochet, I should really make something. A starter project. First I'll need yarn and needles of course. Hmmmm....This yarn is pretty inexpensive. I just know I'm going to find a use for these 14 skeins of acrylic though- how can I beat this price? It'll be used up in no time.

Acrylic Stash Close Up
Acrylic Stash, circa 2007

Now for needles, I should probably just buy a few of the standard sizes. Oh joy!! This little container is PERFECT for these needles that I now own in duplicates of each amd every size available. Bring on the projects - I'm all set!!

Since I haven't crocheted before, I should probably start out simple. Let's see...I'll read through these 9 books and pick the first project that looks reasonably simple. Ahh yes, maybe this...

First completed crochet project, circa 2005

Knitting probably won't suck me in as much. Maybe I'll try just one project. But I better get some more yarn in case I can't find anything suitable to knit with in my stash.

Stash 027

Theeeeere. That should do it. Oh I'm so excited about all my options now. I really should share this perfectly manageable, non-obsessive, completely harmless little hobby I've found with a few other people. Oh, I know! I should start a blog. And on it, I should post my pictures. Better get a Flickr account for that. Can't wait to post this latest project out there, won't my buddies on KnitU, and over at KnittingHelp, and the ones on Ravelry, and my darling friends at Monday knit night be so proud??! I can't believe how well I'm keeping this all under control!

Geez...I can barely make room for this Rubbermaid tub of yarn in the closet now. Hmmm. Maybe I should clear out some of this fabric stash and move this scrapbooking stuff into another room. Nah - best I just get some stackable shelves; we hardly ever use this as a guest room anyway. It should all fit just fine. Besides...once I have my own yoga studio/yarn shop/community center/photography school/catering business, I'm going to want somewhere that I can come to and relax among my small, simple treasures. It's a good thing I'm so content now with this pastime; I want for nothing more. Oooh look! A handcarved spindle....

To be continued? ;)