May 31, 2008

Oops, I Knit it Again

May I present, the Clapotis v. 3.0:

Clapotis #3 - KP Handyed Wool

Pattern - Clapotis by Kate Gilbert (I'm sure you find it funny that I even bothered to link that)
Yarn - KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Chisholm;
Needles - KnitPicks Harmony, Size 8 (5mm)
Shelf life - Started 4.26.08; Bound off 05.30.08

Clapotis #3 - KP Handyed Wool Clapotis #3 - KP Handyed Wool
Pattern Modifications:
I knit 2 additional repeats in the straight section (that's 24 more rows, about 4" added)
To compensate, I knit an extra repeat in the decrease section as well.

Clapotis #3 - KP Handyed Wool

Clapotis #3 - KP Handyed Wool

Clapotis #3 - KP Handyed Wool

Do yourself a favor and get some of this yarn. Hand-dyed, RICH color at $1.99 per 110yd ball. Who doesn't love a bargain?
Also, if you're thinking about making a Clapotis and would like to have the row by row chart I used (with or without stitch counts), send me an email and I'll be glad to share that.
And the needles?? Like BUTTAH...I find any excuse to knit something on 8's now. I have managed to fight temptation so far, so I only have this one set of size 8 Harmony tips to try them out. Santa will undoubtedly bring me the rest of them though since he apparently knows my credit card number by heart.

Clapotis #3 - KP Handyed Wool

This is the second time I'm that I'm knitting this wrap as a gift. My mother-in-law always compliments my knitting and asked about it while I was working on it at our Memorial Day lunch (yes I was knitting wool outside in the afternoon in Florida - hush!). She said she loved the colors, and could really use something like that when it gets cold here (hush!). Something to warm her when she's outside waiting for the bus. What more motivation could I need?? After all, considering the gift of a lifetime partner she gave me - this is but a small token. She'll get it this fall just as soon as the temperature starts to dip, or maybe I can hold out until Christmas to gift it to her. Handknit love makes the world go 'round :)

No question that I love this pattern. The only real question is....what yarn will I knit it in next?

Finished Clapotis 083107 010
v 1.0 - Auracania Atacama Alpaca

Aunty's Clapotis
v 2.0 - Cascade 220 Paints

Clapotis #3 - KP Handyed Wool
v3.0 - KnitPicks Wool of the Andes

Many humble thanks to hubby, my oh-so patient photographer who never lets this FO showcase thing get old.