Mar 7, 2008

Let's Do the Numbers...

204 days ago I set myself a goal.

365 days without buying any new yarn.

3 days ago I found myself completely unable to pick up my knitting needles (I really thought I might be coming down with something...turns out I was - I'm calling it the Knitting Blahs)

3 people told me the feeling would pass and that I should hold strong.

2 websites and 1 email foretold a sale on Patons Classic Merino Wool.

1 knitter (this one) happens to be completely in love with said Wool.

4 hours passed with said wool sitting in "pending" status in my online shopping cart while I debated the merits of sticking to a goal vs the psychological damage of forced deprivation.

60 minutes of no online activity means that your shopping cart status "times out" (who knew?)

1 trip down south to have lunch with 9 of my former colleagues meant that I had a

90 minute commute back home which took me right in the direction of the
1 store near me where the aforementioned wool was being given away (okay, not really - but we're talking CHEAP here people)

With 10 minutes of color selection and 1 very simple transaction...

8 new balls of Patons Classic Wool in (the most delicious) Chocolate Brown and Charcoal Grey followed me home.

So my counter for Number of Days Since I Last Bought Yarn resets to 0.

And you know what? I'm okay with that.

Palindrome Cabled Scarf WIP 007

The Palindrom Reversible Cables Scarf
Click the photo to be whisked off to the pattern.