Mar 4, 2008

To Her...With Love

I'm going to do another Round Table discussion soon on our Knitting Mojo, and what we do to get it back when we feel we've lost it. But first, I'll give you a look into how I kept mine from slipping away completely. When I couldn't think of who to knit for next, or what to knit, or what to knit with - I found that my worry slipped away when I turned my focus to knitting something new, something planned, something lovely, something for someone else....

Hope Lodge Squares 010

Last week, I finished four squares to contribute to the Briar Rose Charity Knit for The Hope Lodge, an afghan knit a long for a blanket that will be given as a prize to one lucky donator. The Hope Lodge is a cancer treatment facility that just opened in Michigan, and this is a cause that is very near to the heart of Chris, owner and creative genius behind Briar Rose Fibers

Hope Lodge Squares 005

Briar Rose Sonoma, knit on US Size 9

Hope Lodge Squares 004

I know what knitters can do when we act like the caring community we are, so if you'd like a chance to win a gorgeous afghan, the button below will take you to the right place for donation. Additionally, if you just love great yarn in AMAZING colors and textures, head over to Briar Rose and check out the goodies there. You'll be glad you did!

Hope Lodge Squares 002