Dec 3, 2007

May I Present: Clapotis (Encore)

It worked! It seems that writing about a knit goal out here really does do wonders for the potential (and success) to actually finish it. Your comments and encouragement did wonders because I knew how good it would feel to finally be able to show you this...

Aunty's Clapotis!

Aunty's Clapotis

Cast on Nov. 22, Ends weaved in Dec.1 (no blocking)

Yarn = Cascade 220 Handdyed Paints in "Indiana Summer"

Needles - KnitPicks circular, US Size 8 (5mm), 24" cable

Mods - Added 1 extra increase repeat , 1 extra straight row repeat, 1 extra decrease repeat

She loves it, I love it, I love her, she loves me - it is a veritable love fest all wrapped up in some stockinette and dropped stitches.

Thanks for being along for this ride. Who knew I could let the yarn fly like that?! I won't let it go to my head though...nothing wrong with a slow knit to balance it out once in a while. And in that spirit, I've already cast on for
this. Turns out that hubby's the only one in the house without a hand-knit sweater...we can't allow that to continue any longer.