Aug 25, 2007

Keep On Keepin' On

Just back from a week in New Jersey - my regular monthly face time visit at HQ. "Hi! How are you? Fantastic!! Glad to hear it. Please keep sending the paychecks. Thanks!" It usually goes something like that, with a lot of other fun stuff in between.

Highlights on this trip include a night out in New York city; a belly busting dinner at a Brazilian BBQ restaurant; four hours of club dancing (yes, mommies can still do that once or twice a year); seeing
My Kelli again after a long while; and knit night with KR, Maureen and Deborah. Meeting Deborah in person was an extra special treat because not only is she a talented blogger, knitter and supermom, she is someone I just knew I would love hanging out with, and I did! She's got some great stories too, so I look forward to the next time we get to take over the Barnes & Noble cafe.

Deborah & Me _2August 07
Bookstore Knit Night with Deborah

With all the hub-bub of the week, I actually managed to do some finishing. Harry Potter #7 is now under my belt. Mau described it best - "Epic". It's been a long time since a book made me cry (in 3 places!) and laugh, and feel full at the end. It was just enough. I admire Ms. Rowling immensely for finishing out this series in such an excellent manner. If you haven't made it through this one yet - I advise you to hang on through the first half, because the second half is well worth the details in the beginning.

I also finished these

Stockinette Socks
Yarn: Lane Cervinia Forever Jacquard
Pattern: Simple Stockinette, CO 64sts for size 8; slip stitch heel
Needles: KnitPicks Size 1 (2.5mm)
Techniques: 2 circ & magic loop methods

In other news - I'm nearing the finish line on the Clapotis. Let's hope the pattern finishes before my yarn does, yikes! You can see the difference in dye lots in this shot, but I think that will be somewhat less obvious when I have it on. I look forward to having this with me on those plane rides to Jersey this fall.

Clapotis Progress 082507 004

Many, many thanks to all of you who chimed in at the last Round Table discussion. More topics to come, so invite a friend over to contribute. I'm headed to Fort Worth, TX Monday morning, so I'm off to dig for my next travel project. I've got the itch for another raglan pullover, or maybe another pair of socks. It seems I'm never short on options, just sadly short on time.

Have a great weekend!