Jul 13, 2009

How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation

New Sewing Machine

I didn't realize how much I wanted a new sewing machine until the Perfect Storm of a July 4th coupon and in-store sale compelled me to ask hubby to get my b-day gift early. He graciously complied and didn't even blink when instead of waiting for it to come in special order, I drove a few (cough: several) extra miles to pick it up locally.

The real exercise in patience was waiting for a week to use it because I was away traveling. I took the opportunity to break it in though while the girls were at the sleepover party next door with our favorite Play Date mate (and new knitter!)

Here's what has come out from under the needle so far...

I finally attached some appliques I made many months ago to a jumper-turned-tank for Mizan
Handknit Appliques

I converted a pair of old PJ pants into a small, simple tote - great way to practice the measure/measure/cut technique, different stitch types, and applying buttons
After - Small Buttoned Tote

First Singer Sewing Projects - Button Tote First Singer Sewing Projects - Button Tote

Already my favorite project, and one I'll repeat for sure...
Sewing FO - Baby Boy Bib Sewing FO - Baby Boy Bib Modeled

This cutie patootie bib was created using the steps in the tutorial found here at Sew Funky. I used some cotton scraps I got in a crate at a yard sale about 4 years ago, some soft fleece fabric from a waaaay too large pair of old shorts, and an old towel for the middle. Upcycling at its best! The truck applique is a sooper sweet bonus from a going-out-of-business craft store sale.

Nancy if you're reading this - avert your eyes! I'm sure the boo boo coming next will make you cringe :) I goofed and didn't do my turning out section quite right, and found out quickly that zig zag stitch does not, in fact, fix everything.

Baby Boy Bib - rookie edges

I'll be much more attentive to this little (HUGE) detail next time.

I'm having such fun with all my crafty pursuits lately. Soon I'll be back here to catch you up on what's going on with my knitting needles. Wait...you didn't think that having a fabric stash would put a dent in my verve for knitting now did you??! Not a chance!

Wishing you all a fantastic week!