May 27, 2009

Brought to you by Mr. Greenthumbs

I constantly tease hubby that he's got a hand full of green thumbs; he is in no way clumsy with them either - that man can tend some land! Recently he told me that some corn had randomly started sprouting shoots from our discards, and I immediately had thoughts of hundreds of stalks swaying in the breeze. He's just that good.

Our latest triumph is the renewal of a tree that was whipped to smithereens by the hurricanes of a few years ago - our Lychee (/lee' chee/) tree blooms again.

Lychee Nuts - May 2009_2

I found some interesting info on this fruit at the usual place.

Lychee Nuts - May 2009_1

Though they are still a bit sour right now, we've ben noticing that some of them are ripening and then bursting open while still on the branch. With that and the inevitable "squirrel tax", you better believe we're devouring them as fast as we can!

Lychee - May 2009

The sweetest part? These are usually crazy expensive in the store! It has been very very satisfying to be able to pluck them for free just by stepping out into my own yard.

Lychee Nuts - May 2009_4 Lychee Nuts - May 2009_5